Save the empty seats and share the ride

Nabogo is about sharing. When you share a ride, you show responsibility for the world around you. By using all the seats in the cars, we can share a clean world for longer and we can share the cost of the ride. If you’re looking for a taxi service, nabogo is not for you.

Create your regular route and nabogo will notify you every time someone can offer you a seat in their car.

When you’re offered a ride, you can see your fellow traveler’s reviews, so you know who you’re riding with.

You pay a fixed amount of DKK 0.75 per km. It’s cheap and with no extra fees.

“Carpooling is a VERY concrete climate action and something you can do yourself today and tomorrow.”

Kåre Albrechtsen, Unit Manager
has used nabogo 64+ times as a passenger

Why you should get on board

No fees or secrets

Nabogo is complementary to public transport and therefore a partnership with municipalities and public transport operators. You only pay the driver DKK 0.75 per km – the rest we have done for you.

No one is left in the middle of the road

Nabogo has fixed meeting points and mobility hubs that are easy to get to and from. And nabogo is close friends with Rejseplanen. This means that your trip is automatically connected to other public transport options.

Planet A

The planet needs us all to help. In 19 out of 20 commuter cars, there’s only one person. So there is great potential to emit less CO2  when sharing your ride with others.

Freedom for your neighbour

Carpooling is a way of life and a supplement to public transport. The more we ride together, the more mobility there will be in our communities – especially where buses and trains are hard to get to. It provides freedom and makes the areas more attractive to you and to your future neighbours.

Quiet zone

Sometimes it’s nice just to sit in your own world or to work on the go. So in the app, you can indicate if you don’t want to chat while driving.

Safely from A to B

All nabogo users must upload a profile photo to use the app, so you can see who you will be riding with. You will also review each other after the ride. And of course, you must fill in your contact and payment information.

Are you late or is your trip cancelled?

No problem, you can write directly to your fellow travelers via the app.
Typically, cancellations come well in advance, so you can easily find another ride by public transport in the app.

”The appointment overview works really well because I can plan my week well in advance, especially my morning trips. Generally, the app is quite easy to use”

Gustav Paustian Andersen, student assistant
has used nabogo 24+ times as a passenger

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