Nabogo is sharing

Nabogo is a sharing economy, where we share the cost of a trip based on fixed prices per km. Nabogo is not a taxi service, so if you’re looking for easy money, nabogo is not for you.

Enter your regular route, and nabogo will drop you a message every time someone needs a ride in the same direction as you. You can then select fixed meeting points on your route to stop and pick up or drop off your rides.

Drop your rides a message if, for example, you’re delayed or there are changes to your trip.

You can see who wants to share your trip, and you receive a fixed rate of DKK 0.75 per km.

“It’s great that the price is fixed, so I don’t have to discuss payment. It means less hassle.”

Eva Jacobsen, special consultant
has given more than 700 rides to her colleagues

Why ridesharing makes sense

Money saved is money earned

Nabogo is not a taxi service that will make you rich, but you get DKK 0.75 km per ride. No negotiations and no fees. And the app shows you just how much you’re saving.

Ridesharing without detouring

Nabogo has fixed meeting points, and you choose which stops you want to include on your route – or whether you want to add a new one. Nabogo is ridesharing on your terms. Wherever it suits you. Whenever it suits you.

There’s no planet B

You’ll cut your carbon footprint in half by giving a ride to one person, so imagine how much you’ll save by filling up your car. And while you’re driving, you can see exactly how much you’re reducing your carbon emissions.

Helping your local community

Ridesharing is also about helping others. Helping your neighbour, a fellow student or a colleague to get around. With nabogo, you’re actually expanding public transport – especially in areas with few trains and bus lines. It gives people greater freedom, and makes areas more attractive to newcomers.

Quiet zone

When you create a ride as a driver, you can specify whether you would like to chat or if you prefer to enjoy the ride in silence.


But what if you cannot make it at the agreed time?
No problem, you can write directly to your fellow travelers via the app. And, of course, you can always change times or completely cancel your ride.

The difficult talk

It can be difficult to talk about money, but fortunately you do not have to think about it at all when using nabogo. Your fellow travelers pay through the app, and the money automatically enters your account.

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