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Here you will find answers to most questions about, for example, our app, prices and how modern carpooling works. If you have a question that isn’t on the list, do not hesitate to write to us here – we would love to help you.


For everyone carpooling, we recommend following these guidelines:

  • Do not carpool if you have symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have recently tested positive
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Use hand sanitizer before you enter the car (also during and after the ride)
  • Always sneeze/cough into your sleeve
  • Avoid physical contact
  • The driver should regularly clean the surfaces inside the car
  • Wear a face mask

A meeting point is a digital stop where a trip with nabogo starts and ends. As a driver, you will drive past several meeting points where passengers can get on and off. The meeting points make it very easy to arrange an everyday ride: with just a few clicks, you as a passenger can request to ride along, and you know exactly where to meet.

The location is never random – together with your municipality, we have located meeting points where it is easy and safe to pull over with the car.

If you have suggestions for a meeting point near your home or workplace, you are welcome to write to us at with an address or coordinates for your suggested meeting point. We cannot guarantee that all proposals will be accepted, but we will do our best to make it happen.

Our prices are calculated based on a fixed price, which is set at DKK 0.75 per km in Denmark. The money is transferred directly from the passenger to the driver based on a sharing economy principle. You do not pay a fee to nabogo for using the app.

All credit card information is stored by QuickPay, which is one of the most used and secure providers of online payment.

Allow notifications from nabogo on your mobile phone. This is very important. If you have set up a trip as a driver or as a passenger, nabogo will automatically notify you when there is a match for your trip.

Users of the app must be 16 years old, and drivers must be over 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

In general, nabogo users are decent people who take pride in getting there on time, but of course there are no guarantees. If one of you is late, you can send messages to each other. You will do so during the actual ride.

The app notifies you about 10 minutes before the meeting time, that your ride will soon start. In addition, you can ‘live’ share your position, so you can see each other’s real-time location on a map. This makes it easier to find each other.

The app combines carpooling with public transport. This means that when you search for a trip, the app automatically shows you the available carpooling and public transport options – or a combination of these.

If carpooling is your best travel option, it will be shown as your best match. You can always click on the travel options to see details of the trip. Please note that the app also suggests flex traffic, which often needs to be booked well in advance.

At the bottom of ‘My profile’, you can delete your account. Keep in mind that if you have a balance in your account, you need to withdraw your money before deleting the account. When you delete your account, all your appointments will be cancelled.


Yes, you can cancel your appointment with a driver. Perhaps you have to cancel due to illness. You can cancel your appointment under ‘Overview’. When you cancel your ride, the app automatically notifies the driver. We encourage you to cancel as early as possible – it’s the right thing to do. 

If you have a recurring need for a ride – for example from your home to work/school and back – you can set up a regular ride. You do so by searching for the start and destination address and selecting ‘Create regular ride’. In your regular rides, you can enter the days and hours that you are leaving. You can create as many regular rides as you need, and you can always delete or adjust times.

By creating regular rides, you avoid practically all daily coordination. When a driver matches your needs, you will be automatically notified in the app. All you have to do is book the ride as soon as you have a match (remember to turn on notifications). 

The app will always try to show you the most relevant travel suggestions based on your start, destination and time requests. If there is no relevant ride, it could mean that a driver will not drive past your desired route at the desired time.

If you have a recurring need for transportation, for example from home to work/school and back, you can save your requirements and get a notification about this particular ride. You can do this by searching in the app for start and destination addresses, and then create a ride agent. In the ride agent, you can specify which days and times you want to be matched for. When there is a match, you will get a notification. Your ride agent will be automatically renewed after 5 days.

When you book a ride, you’ll be informed of the price. If you have money in your account, you can book the ride directly, or you can top up while booking using your debit card, MobilePay or Swish. You can always deposit money into your balance under ‘Payment‘. The payment is reserved at the time of booking and is automatically transferred to the driver after your ride together.  


When you offer your empty car seats, you can cancel at any time, whether you have an appointment or not. Of course, we encourage you to cancel well in advance so any passengers can find an alternative – that’s the right thing to do.

If it’s a trip where you have an appointment, you can cancel anyway. You do this in ‘Overview’ during the current trip. When you cancel the trip, the app automatically notifies the passengers who had booked the ride.

In the case of a trip where you do not have an appointment, you can simply delete or adjust the trip during the ride in question in ‘Overview’.

If you’re late, you can easily write a message to the other people in the car. You do this via ‘Overview’ in the ride in question. Here you can write both a shared message to all passengers or a message to a single passenger. 

After sharing a ride, you will receive the full amount for the trip, except for a small payment fee, which we withdraw to pay for the bank transaction. 

No. We have set a price which ensures that no money can be made from offering a ride, as the cost of driving your own car exceeds the income. So it can be described as carpooling according to the applicable tax rules.

The money from completed carpooling trips is paid out about once a week. So it could take a few days from a ride being completed to a payment being made. If you have any questions about payment, you are welcome to write to

If you drive your car at certain times, for example to work, school or leisure activities, you can set up regular trips. You do this by offering a ride and creating a ‘Regular ride’. The app will automatically suggest a route, and you can change this by pressing ‘Adjust route’. This is also where you choose which digital meeting point you want to pick up a passenger from. In your regular ride, you can enter days and time as needed. Your regular ride will be automatically renewed after 5 days.

Once you have set up a regular ride, you can be part of practically all daily coordination. All you have to do is approve requests when passengers want to ride with you. Here, the app automatically notifies you when your trip is matched with a passenger (remember to turn on notifications).

Of course, you can always adjust your trip, for example delete selected regular days or adjust times.

It’s only positive that you offer rides to others – please keep doing it! If no one is booking with you, it could mean may that your ride is at a time or on a route that isn’t relevant to others – yet. It can also mean that the app is not well known in your area. That is why we are working hard to spread awareness of carpooling with nabogo.  

Are you missing a meeting point close to you, then contact us at

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