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Nabo. What a funny word, right? It means ‘neighbor’ in Danish. Nabogo ends with a ‘go’ because we bring more ‘go’ – or mobility – to local communities and regions.

Since 2018, nabogo has created a new market for carpooling in everyday life – to benefit mobility, infrastructure and the climate. Provinces and public transport authorities are our customers, and thus we can offer the attractive nabogo app free of charge to users and not least our effective campaign concepts for organizations and villages. Nabogo works from four offices in Denmark and the Netherlands, and is also on the market in Sweden and Norway.


The story behind and our mission towards 2025

It all started with two thumbs up

Childhood friends Kasper Dam Mikkelsen and Anders Muusmann grew up on the Danish island of Als and founded nabogo together.

In the 80s/90s, it was commonplace to hitchhike to school when the bus schedule did not match the school’s. And although Kasper and Anders were usually picked up by a familiar face from the local area, they could never be sure of arriving on time.

Fast forward to 2018, where the two friends begin developing a carpooling app that works together with public transportation.

With their respective expertise – Kasper in CO2 mapping and Smart Cities and Anders in business development and management – ​​together they have laid solid foundations for nabogo as a company with great growth potential in Europe.

A carpooling app that stands out

How can nabogo be free from fees and adds?
As a carpooling app, nabogo is built on a unique business model, where it is not the individual user who is the customer. It is ambitious provinces and public transport authorities that want to create mobility for citizens and reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.

Nabogo is much more than an app. We change behavior.
The recipe for nabogo’s success is especially local partnerships that boost carpooling. When we launch at workplaces, educational institutions and in villages, it means that we always have a personal contact with our users. They are the center of our app and strategy development. In this way, we remain relevant and can continuously design an efficient and sought-after carpooling app for our dear users.

Nabogo takes Europe by storm

Things have been going strong for nabogo since the relaunch in autumn 2021, where we have alternately had to pull on the brakes and press the accelerator, depending on the spread of the Corona pandemic.

With high spirits and steady nerves, we have so far managed to launch at more than 60 educational institutions and at international companies such as Eurofins, LEGO System A/S and Novo Nordisk.

Nabogo is currently established in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway. Our mission towards 2025 is to become firmly rooted in the European market by creating a fundamental change in everyday transport, especially in rural areas.

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