When we drive together, it works for us

Nabogo is a free app that makes it easy for you to drive with others to work, school and leisure activities.

The reason why nabogo can be free from fees and adds is that our customers are not you, but provinces and public transport authorities who want to provide their citizens with better and greener mobility.


Frequently asked questions


If the ride takes place within a partner area, the first 10 km of each ride is free.

If the ride exceeds 10 km, the driver has the option of taking payment. In that case, each passenger pays our fixed rate* directly to the driver.

*Our prices are calculated based on a fixed rate per kilometer:

  • DKK: 0.75
  • EUR: 0.10
  • SEK: 1
  • NOK: 1

As a driver, you receive a fixed price* for the first 10 km of each trip, and a fixed rate** per km exceeding 10 km. If the rides takes place within a partner area, the passenger will get a subsidy covering the first 10 km.

If the ride exceeds 10 km, you have the option of taking payment, which you decide every time you receive a ride request. Two buttons will appear:

  • “Accept only subsidy”
  • “Accept”

If you choose “Accept only subsidy”, you receive the subsidy and the passenger doesn’t pay anything.

If you choose “Accept”, you receive the subsidy and the passenger pays the fixed km rate for the rest of the ride.

The money is transferred directly from the passenger’s nabogo account to the driver’s nabogo account.

*Fixed price for rides up to 10 km: DKK 10 / EUR 2 / NOK 15 /SEK 15

**Rate per km for trips exceeding 10 km: DKK 0.75 / EUR 0.10 / NOK 1 / SEK 1

After the trip ends, the money is automatically transferred to the driver’s nabogo account.

To receive the money in your bank account, you must request a payout in the nabogo app by going to Menu > Payment > Payout. The money will then be transferred to your account on the 7th weekday of the following month.

Therefore, we advise our users to wait until the end of each month to request a payout, so that you can accumulate the most amount of money.


Passengers must be 16 years of age, and drivers must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.

Nabogo is an intermediary platform for carpooling, and you are therefore not covered by insurance through nabogo. It is solely the responsibility of the driver to have taken out statutory liability insurance.

The payment you receive from nabogo is tax-free. The payments are not considered income according to SKAT, as our mileage rate ensures that it does not exceed the co-passenger’s share of the expenses associated with driving, cf SKAT.

Carpooling affects neither the driver’s nor the passenger’s driving deduction.

Read more on SKAT’s website: https://skat.dk/data.aspx?oid=2234761

Search, offer and book a ride

A meeting point is a digital stop where a trip with nabogo starts and ends. As a driver, you drive past several meeting points where passengers can get on and off. When you create your trips, you can remove the meeting points on your route that you do not want to offer pick-ups and drop offs.

The location is never random – together with your municipality, we have placed meeting points where it is easy and safe to pull in by car.

If you have a suggestion for a meeting point, please feel free to write to us at support@nabogo.com with the address or coordinates of your suggestion. We cannot guarantee that all suggestions will be accepted, but we will do our best.

If you can’t find a relevant ride right now, it could mean that a driver does not drive past your desired route at the desired time – yet!

We therefore encourage you to create a ride agent so that you get a notification as soon as there is a relevant ride for you. In the ride agent, you can specify which days and times you want to be matched on.

For assistance, you can watch the video tutorial at the top of the page on how to create a ride agent.


Open the nabogo app and go to your profile. At the very bottom you can delete your user. Remember to withdraw your money from your nabogo account first.

Video tutorials

1. Find a ride
Play Video

00:07 Create user
01:04 Find a ride
01:30 Book ride
01:50 Create ride alert
02:00 Payment
02:06 *Subsidy via commuter pass and employee ID has been discontinued. Instead, all passengers ride for free the first 10 km per trip.

2. Offer a ride
Play Video

00:11 Create user
00:48 Create your trips
02:15 Pay out your money
*Payments are now made at the end of each month. You will receive the money in your bank account on the 14th of the following month at the latest. W
e recommend you make your payout on the last calendar day of the month to accumulate the most money possible.

Still puzzled?

Write to us at: support@nabogo.com

We endeavor to answer your inquiry within 1-2 business days.

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